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Surviving a car accident caused by someone else is traumatic enough for victims and their families. Discovering the negligent driver left the scene without considering the possibility they may have seriously injured or even killed someone is even more tragic. It is also criminally irresponsible to leave the scene of an accident, particularly one where injuries have occurred.

The law firm of O'Connor & Associates helps clients find justice and recover compensation for their injuries or loss in hit-and-run accidents or other personal injury and wrongful death claims. We offer over 25 years of experienced legal representation focused on tracking down those responsible and holding them accountable for their negligence.

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Many hit-and-run drivers do so out of fear because they were drunk or they had no insurance. Regardless of the reason, leaving the scene of an accident, especially with injuries, is a crime and is wrong. We fully investigate the incident using professionals trained in ways to identify and track down the irresponsible driver, helping you hold them accountable for compensating you for injuries, financial losses and more.

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We can also help you seek coverage from your own insurance company for injuries and property damage under Texas’ no-fault laws. Like most insurance carriers out to protect their own interests in a claim, even yours will likely attempt to reduce or eliminate your no-fault claim. Our car and pedestrian accident lawyer will protect your right to full and fair compensation through aggressive negotiation, and we will not hesitate to take insurers and other parties to court if necessary.

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By carefully investigating and preparing your case and a fierce determination to help you recover the maximum compensation you deserve, O'Connor & Associates is ready to make a difference in the outcome of your hit-and-run case.

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