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Whether dealing with low-speed accidents in stop-and-go traffic, or high-speed collisions on highways and interstates, motor vehicle accidents can lead to devastating injuries. Despite the prevalence of auto accidents and the laws that regulate liability in accidents caused by negligence, injury victims still face an uphill battle to recovery compensation for their injuries.

At O'Connor & Associates, we focus on helping injury victims, not insurance companies. We have seen the tactics insurance providers use to thwart liability, even when it is clear their policyholder’s claim should be handled in good faith.

We have over 35 years’ experience and can put that knowledge to work for you. Contact our office in Bryan, Texas, to work with a car crash attorney who cares about you and your recovery.

Uncovering The Reality Behind Your Accident And Injury Needs

The first step to collecting compensation after an accident is understanding what happened and why. Insurance providers will be looking for ways to reduce their own liability for the injury and property damage claim. We work hard to gather all police reports, witness accounts and medical records that show whose negligence spurred the accident, as well as the extent to which the resulting injury has changed our clients’ lives.

It seems unreasonable, but this process requires a dollars-and-cents mentality about your injury. Claims are assessed by which part of your body has been injured, how long the injury will last, how the injury has affected your ability to earn income and to what extend pain and suffering should be factored into your recovery.

A Brazos County Attorney At Our Office Can Make A Difference

It is critical that you have an experienced attorney to protect your interests through this process. Whether you were hurt in a passenger vehicle accident, a truck accident, motorcycle accident or a bicycle/pedestrian accident, we can help. Call 979-314-4724 or contact us online to set up an appointment.

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What To Do If You Are In An Accident

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