A Hard Stance Against Defective Products

Consumer and commercial product designers, manufacturers and retailers have a legal responsibility to create and sell products that are safe. Whether a faulty popcorn maker catches fire and burns someone, or a cement barrier without reflectors contributes to serious injury or death during a car accident, product liability claims can help victims and their families seek compensation for injuries or loss of life.

An Experienced Lawyer Handling Defective And Dangerous Product Injuries

At O'Connor & Associates in Bryan, Texas, our product liability and wrongful death attorney believes victims injured or killed due to the careless actions or inaction of individuals and companies alike, deserve justice and financial reward to cover medical bills, lost income, ongoing care, and pain and suffering.

If poor product design, manufacturing defects, improper labeling or other dangers, have resulted in injury to you or a loved one, took the life of someone close to you, contact us about a potential product liability concern.

Handling A Wide Range Of Defective Product Claims

Our experienced staff have the background, resources and skills to address a wide variety of product liability cases, including those involving:

  • Auto product defects – Some car accidents are caused by defective auto parts like air bags, seat belts, car seats, tires and brakes in truck wrecks, rollover design flaws, bad wiring in post-collision fires and helmets in motorcycle crashes.
  • Dangerous consumer products – Accidents happen in the home more than anywhere else, often due to faulty appliances and electronics, children’s toys, garage doors and other home products causing injuries.
  • Defective workplace equipment – We help employees hurt on the job pursue third-party claims regarding defective tools, ladders or scaffolding in construction accidents, faulty machinery in oil field accidents and injuries resulting from defective or dangerous company vehicles.
  • Drug or medical device dangers – We protect you when drug companies and medical device makers know that their products may be dangerous but fail to warn people about over-the-counter or prescription drugs, hip and knee replacement parts, pacemakers, breast implants and more.
  • Other faulty product claims – We also handle claims involving faulty train crossing signals and barriers in train accidents, recreational gear such as cycling parts and accessories in bicycle accidents.

Contact A Brazos County Defective Product Attorney

Careful investigations and case preparation, plus an aggressive desire to protect your rights means that O'Connor & Associates can help you find the compensation you deserve in a product liability claim.

For a free initial consultation with an experienced product liability attorney at our firm, call us at 979-314-4724 or contact us online.

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