The basics of safety technology and truck accident prevention

The e-commerce boom, accelerated by the pandemic, has led to a rapid increase in delivery vans on our roads. While this growth brings convenience to consumers, it also raises significant safety concerns. Delivery vans, due to their size and weight, pose an outsized risk to passenger vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists in the event of a crash.

As the number of these vehicles continues to climb, you should understand the risks and considerations.

Considering the scope

A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that light delivery vans played a role in an average of over 935,000 police-reported crashes, 98,000 injury crashes and 3,600 fatal crashes each year between 2016 and 2021. Alarmingly, in over 60% of the injury crashes and more than half of the fatal crashes involving a delivery van, it was an occupant of another vehicle or a vulnerable road user who got injured.

Embracing safety technology

The IIHS study found that equipping every light delivery van with front crash prevention, lane departure warning, blind spot detection and intelligent speed assistance could prevent or mitigate up to 40% of fatal van crashes. Nearly 20% of crashes, including fatal ones, could benefit from front crash prevention technology.

Reducing your company’s risks

For companies with van fleets, exploring aftermarket technology solutions could help bridge the gap. While widespread adoption will take time, the potential to save lives and prevent injuries makes this an urgent imperative.

By embracing these solutions, manufacturers and delivery companies can take a proactive step towards safer roads for everyone. In the meantime, all road users should exercise extra caution around delivery vans. If you or a loved one get injured in a crash involving a delivery vehicle, you should understand the rights afforded to you for the compensation that you deserve.