Tips for driving safely when an aggressive driver is on the road

Everybody’s driving habits are different. There are some people who are usually very calm and respectful individuals who become loud and abrasive when behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. There are also plenty of people who have fiery tempers in daily life and who become angry or aggressive in traffic.

They may operate their vehicle in a very assertive or outright aggressive manner when emotional and may even sometimes give in to road rage, directly interacting with other motorists rather than continuing to drive after some kind of challenging moment. Aggressive drivers may scream at people, try to cut them off and otherwise let their feelings dictate their actions while driving.

Those who encounter aggressive drivers frequently fear for their safety. How can motorists in Texas protect themselves from an encounter with an aggressive driver?

They can give an aggressive motorists space

One of the best options when someone notices another driver’s aggressive behavior is to put as much space between their vehicle and the vehicle of the aggressive motorist as possible. Some people even turn off onto a different road. Focusing on staying calm and driving safely is better than being immediately reactive to someone else’s aggressive behavior.

They can avoid eye contact and horn use

Aggressive drivers often need very little provocation to take the situation to the next level. Therefore, those near them in traffic should try to avoid doing anything that might set them off even more. Eye contact can seem like an act of aggression in some circumstances and could lead to an already aggressive driver taking increasingly intimidating steps to express themselves towards someone else or possibly following them to their destination. Using a horn, even at someone else, could also end up triggering an already aggressive driver.

They move into the right lane

Whenever possible, allowing an aggressive driver to pass is typically the best option. They can speed off toward their destination and hopefully calm down before they arrive. Unfortunately, sometimes aggressive drivers will continue pursuing someone or might even cause a crash.

Holding such motorists responsible for the injuries they cause others may require either an insurance claim or possibly a lawsuit. Seeking legal guidance is usually a good place to start.