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Finding a quality nursing home in Texas for your elderly loved one


Residents need not experience nursing home abuse in Texas. Having a checklist for quality helps narrow down options and keeps residents happy and healthy.

Adult children often want to ensure that their elderly parents receive the best care during their senior years living in Texas. Those who cannot move closer to their parents, for whatever reason, may prefer to put their mother or father into a reputable senior citizen home. How does one determine which nursing homes qualify as “reputable”? Knowing what to look for in a facility helps parents and adult children alike avoid nursing home abuse and avoidable incidents.

Visit each nursing home, if possible

Just like looking at pictures of a home or apartment only does so much when it comes to deciding on where to live, the same is true of nursing home options. Checking online reviews and ratings for nursing homes is a good starting point, but, if possible, it is better to visit each nursing home option in person. That way, adult children get a feel for the facilities and the people who both live and work there. Homes could lack the proper number of staff members, online images may not be the most current and amenities could leave a lot to desire. Opting for a home close to friends and relatives is also a good idea, so an elderly loved one has someone who can visit.

Look up inspection reports

Checking out current inspection reports is another way to determine the overall quality of a nursing home. Nursing homes must conduct such reports about once a year, and they have to have reports for the last three years on hand for the public. Reports are also available online via the Medicare government site.

Something to bear in mind about inspection reports is that infections are not always properly reported. That means infection information could be under-reported, or entirely missing, on a report. Asking how a nursing home handles infections, outbreaks, bacteria and the like is a good idea.

Research over-medication complaints

Nursing home residents with dementia and similar types of cognitive impairments may become victims of over-medication. Nursing home staff members may give such residents more medication than necessary to keep them sedated. A better way to handle such a situation is to provide dementia residents with individualized care to determine the most effective way to tend to them.

Look into resident rights

Adult children and nursing home residents should know what rights individuals living in a nursing home have. Facilities that receive federal funding have to follow specific regulations. In case a rights violation occurs, nursing homes should have systems in place to address grievances. On a related note, residents and adult children should know which state agency or ombudsmen they need to turn to if issues go unresolved.

Senior citizens in Texas deserve quality nursing home care. Proper research helps ease anxiety and makes for happier aging loved ones.

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